My Projects

Below are some of the projects I will be working on as an ASUC Senator.

I. Broader Professional Development Opportunities

Many graduating students feel that their undergraduate careers and jobs do not provide enough opportunities for professional development. I want to work with administration to promote more on- and off-campus jobs that promote the fostering of these highly-demanded professional skills. Also, I plan to work with current employers to better cater to the needs of their student employees through professional development initiatives and workshops.

II. $ave OUR University!

The ASUC has the autonomy to distribute $1.7 million in funds from student fees. With recent tuition fee hikes, the affordability of public education has dramatically decreased, making higher education even more unattainable than it already is for many students. I hope to create a scholarship network where students can apply for funds to help pay for these increases in tuition. I will also be in contact with administrators in hopes of keeping them accountable and providing transparency on tuition fee hikes.

III. A.C.T. Up: Promoting Activism in API Community

Asian/Pacific Islanders (APIs) have a long and rich history of struggle and activism that is very often overlooked and goes unaccredited. I plan to demystify popular misconceptions and stereotypes by planning a conference and related workshops centered on API activism. I want to bring awareness to the unique stories of prominent API leaders, past and present, in order to debunk the Model Minority Myth that still affects our communities today. I hope to create a training ground to empower our API communities to become active participants in our fight for equity.


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