About Me


Hello everyone!

My name is Sevly Snguon and I am a fourth-year studying business administration and public health as an undergraduate and currently an ASUC Senator with CalSERVE: Cal Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education. I am the Progressive Asian/Pacific Islander (API) community representative and seek to advocate for progressive change for our campus. My goals are to fight on behalf of the marginalized communities at Berkeley while ensuring their needs and concerns are met. My passion for social justice stems from my personal life, my mother and living a life below the poverty-line serves as my inspiration. I am originally from Long Beach, California and identify as a 1st generation Cambodian-American. The Cambodian community is a very underrepresented community in higher education and professional fields. This is also one struggle which has sparked my passion to empower underrepresented and marginalized communities because I comes from one. I will actually be the 2nd Cambodian-American ASUC Senator ever elected at Cal. I recently served as the Co-Executive Director for REACH! the Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center and served as the Co-Director for the Southeast Asian Prison Outreach Project (SEAPOP) for 2 years. He also was the Southeast Asian Student Coalition (SASC) Co-External Chair his 2nd year, and a Peer Health Exchange Leadership Council Member this past year. I seek to advocate for broader professional development opportunities, affordable education, and API activism.


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