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My Asian-American Awakening: Realizing that I am a Person of Color

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My Asian-American Awaking: Realizing I am a Person of Color comments on Connie Zhou’s article ” “The Asian-American Awakening: That Moment You Realize You’re Not White,” and how are Asian-American identities are shaped. Mine discusses the opposite side of the spectrum, instead of realizing that I am not white, it elaborates on the complexities of “Am I a Person of Color?” It highlights how Asian-Americans are perceived to be white, while also not being considered People of Color. The “Yellow Power” movement was a moment of clarity for my Asian-American identity as it showed solidarity of Asian-Americans with other communities of color during the Civil Rights Era.

My Asian-American Awakening: Realizing that I am a Person of Color


Community Suggestions

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Hey Community,

My office has created a system in which you can contact me in a more efficient manner. We have created a community suggestion box where you can make requests asking for room reservations, ask for help navigating the ASUC, or make comments in general.

Click the following link to reach the page!

API Community Calendar 2013-2014

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Hey Everyone,

It’s nice to finally get my blog running! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying school thus far. I know exams are right around the corner, so study study study! Just wanted to share you our wonderful Asian/Pacific Islander Community Calendar! So check out the events our API Community is doing in the link above and if you want to add your organizations events, please let me know and I can get that started! We want to foster a space where we can all work collaboratively and support another. Also, we are open to feedback, so suggestions are always wanted. So check out our calendar and get the academic grind going. There is also a list of upcoming events on the side bar as well!

Take Care,

Senator Sevly Snguon